Announcements 2019

Join us for worship,friendship and community in 2019!

Refer to the announcements for this week’s office hours.

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Announcements December 12 2019

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Schedule of Church Services:
EASTWOOD UNITED CHURCH  No Regular Worship Service. Closing Service was be held on November 24 at 6:00 p.m. Check Innerkip Facebook page for pictures.

INNERKIP UNITED CHURCH 11:00 A.M. (Note: November 24 at 10:30 a.m.)

Worship Services at Innerkip United Church



December 1st – First Sunday of Advent at IUC cancelled due to weather!

December 8th – First and Second Sunday of Advent at IUC at 11 AM
Pastor Darlene Hardy
Hanging of the Greens Service

December 8th – Third Sunday of Advent at IUC at 11 AM
Pastor Darlene Hardy

December 22th – Fourth Sunday of Advent at IUC at 11 AM
Pastor Darlene Hardy
Birthday Party!


December 24th  7:30 P.M. Christmas Eve Candle Light Vesper Service



Contact Us:

For Emergency Pastoral Care, please call the church office at 519-602-6692 for contact information on the answering system.

Church Office Hours:
The Office is staffed  but cuurently the office hours vary .
Please refer to the Announcements 2019 to see this weeks open hours.
If you wish to meet in person e-mail or leave a message to confirm time.

MAILING ADDRESS for Innerkip Eastwood Pastoral Charge
(Eastwood United & Innerkip United Churches)
PO BOX 137
N0J 1M0

Note: Innerkip United Church is regularly unlocked between the hours of 8:30 am and 5 pm. Monday to Friday.

If you wish to have an event in the church outside of these hours, please book the church with the office. Eastwood United Church is locked at all times except for special requests.

Regular Worship Times:
Innerkip United 11:00

Eastwood United Church: 
After 153 years the last regular worship service was held October 17, 2019. The Official Closing of the Sanctuary Service was held November 24, 2019.